About us

The association will be a field of cooperation through which EU-based CRAs will "meet regulatory requirements together", by finding synergies and getting help for reducing costs of support activities, and an easier and more effective communication and relation with regulators and supervisors, as well as the whole financial community. The association will make the EU-regulation an opportunity rather than a threat for European CRAs.

The association will be a platform of cooperation for EU-based Credit Rating Agencies ("CRA"). The purposes are the promotion of Credit Ratings across Europe and the promotion of the interests of the European Credit Rating Agencies. The Objectives of the association include without limitations:

  • Promote the interests of the CRA’s in the context of legislative measures and the communication with the relevant stakeholders (e.g. regulators, supervisors, market operators and the financial community as a whole); 
  • Enhance the understanding and the functioning of Credit Ratings to the financial community and the general public;
  • Promote the cooperation between the CRA’s across Europe in order to enhance cross-border know-how and the spread of best practices;
  • Provide a framework of cooperation for CRAs with regard to development of common standards (e.g. Transparency and disclosure standards, rating methodologies) in order to reduce transaction costs relating for the users of ratings;
  • Provide support to CRAs regarding compliance activities (such as due to organizational requirements, ICT, managing of conflicts of interest, etc) in order to reduce costs of supervision;
  • Establish cooperation with public and private research centres, in order to create synergies with academic institutions as well. Contribute to enhance knowledge and skills in the credit rating industry.

Transparency, cooperation, high quality standards, time efficient. 
The four values are core elements of EACRA: Transparency is a key topic of the EU legislation, EACRA will contribute to the transparency of the ratings and the rating agencies